We binge movies
Season one: Korean Queer Cinema
10 months ago

S1E1 - Memento Mori

Don't mind if you don't get it at the beginning... just keep watching it until the end. It will still be obscure but at least you can say you tried

10 months ago

S1E2 - Bungee Jumping on their own

Sometimes love hurts. And yet, it's the one thing we live for.

10 months ago

S1E3 - Road Movie

It will break your heart and give you hope at the same time

9 months ago

S1E4 - The Scarlet Letter

Everything a man can do wrong about love, and more… Everything a woman can do wrong about love and more… Everything two women can do wrong and more… All in all a movie about how easy it is to mess up with love.

8 months ago

S1E5 - The Wig